Worktribe Curriculum Management provides an intuitive, robust and easy-to-use system for managing Higher Education curriculum and academic programme information.

A Single, Central Repository for All Curriculum Information

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A single central source of information for programmes and modules with user-friendly secure web-based access for staff across the institution.

A comprehensive repository with automated version control to share and manage definitive academic programme information across your institution, and to produce consistent marketing material, programme and module specifications, academic transcripts and certificates.

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Streamlined Workflows for Programme Development, Validation and Modification

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Efficient, user-friendly workflows to streamline programme and module development, approval, validation and modification.

Intuitive workflows bring agility to the programme development process, enabling you to react quickly and effectively to the changing face of teaching in UK Higher Education while maintaining strict quality assurance.

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Automatic Outputs to Marketing Channels

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Automatic publication of course data to your website and other marketing channels.

Streamlined feeds of approved course data to your website, prospectus and other channels enable rapid targeted marketing campaigns to respond to student demand and competition in the market.

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Visual Analysis of the Curriculum Design

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Visual data analysis providing new insights into the curriculum design, driving improvements and quality assurance.

Curriculum Maps, Assessment Maps and Benchmark Analysis provide visual overviews of the curriculum design. A comprehensive reporting engine provides textual and graphical reports and analysis of key data.

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Student Records Integration and Diploma Supplements

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Seamless integration with student records to support enrolment and automatic generation of certificates, supplements and transcripts.

Automatic feeds to your student records system provide definitive course data for enrolment, alongside generation of student transcripts, diploma supplements and certificates in configurable templates.

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A Modern Platform to Support Current and Evolving Standards

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Full support for contemporary industry standards including XCRI-CAP and the KIS, backed by modern web services as they evolve.

A robust and flexible platform to support institutional audits and current and evolving public information requirements such as XCRI-CAP, the Higher Education Achievement Report and the Key Information Set.

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